What We Are

Wholesale Partners

We realize that you have more important things to do besides hanging out and shooting the breeze with salesmen. We understand that your sales personnel need to be taking care of your customer’s needs. We know that this is why you exist, and our job is to help that cause with every resource we have at our disposal. We’ll see you on your terms, with pertinent and useful information regarding the products you need. We’ll make regular, efficient calls and be available for other opportunities as your needs require. We don’t think it’s too much for you to ask that we answer a phone call to our office or cell, that we do what we say we’re going to do and to realize that the success of our business hinges on the success of your business.

Manufacturer Partners

We believe that we are your eyes and ears on the ground in the state of Georgia. It’s clear to us that we are simply an extension of your team and that we work with you. We believe that it’s in our best interest to be about your best interest, to buy in and be in on your sales strategy in terms of effort and response. We believe we are unique in the way that we cover our territory because we each handle accounts on a daily basis and we each spend time in our office on a monthly basis dealing with all of our accounts. In that, we don’t think it’s unreasonable for you to expect us to be able respond to your requests for useful strategic information before your deadline; that we each understand the market conditions daily and that we all sell all that we have on our line card. It’s our belief that you can have too many lines, that there is only so much mind share we can offer a manufacturer and that our decisions should never be made solely on how they may affect our bank statement. We also know that the bottom line is that without exceptional sales, you can’t see us as much more than just good guys.

End User Partners

For plumbers, mechanical contractors, engineers and home owners it is not a bother for us to answer your questions, to respond to your requests for information or to help out with a problem. We believe that this is where we make a difference for all of our partners. We understand that things happen; it’s how we handle those opportunities that set us apart. Yes, we want our manufacturer’s warranties to simply be a piece of paper that is simply peace of mind that you never need to use. But if you do, we don’t pay lip service to customer service.

Market Place Competitors

We will not negatively sell based on speculation or hearsay, we will simply sell competitive advantages based in fact. We will treat you with the utmost integrity and expect that we will be treated with the same level of professionalism we operate with. We will never (never) solicit a product line that has current and active representation. We are always eager to participate with you in active dialogue that is beneficial to our industry.

Simply put, we think using common sense makes us uncommon.
We strive to do the right things the right way every day.